19May, 2016

More Value for Customers with SSL Certificates at NakroTeck

Following the introduction of Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificates on our hosting platform, we are now launching more major upgrades in our SSL offerings. We will no longer provide Standard SSL certificates and all our customers that already bought Standard SSL will be upgraded for free to the premium Wildcard SSL. We are also dropping the price of Wildcard SSLs more than half. The range of SSL certificates offered at NakroTeck will now consist of Let’s Encrypt, Wildcard and Extended Validation (EV).

The free Let’s Encrypt option

If you haven’t heard of Let’s Encrypt yet, this is a new certificate authority that works for the public benefit, supported by sponsors, and provides free domain-validated SSL certificates. We were among the first web hosting companies to back up this great project and provide the free SSL option to our customers. Let’s Encrypt can be activated with a click on any of our plans.

The Wildcard SSL will replace our previous Standard option

After our integration of Let’s Encrypt, the Standard SSL certificates that we were offering became redundant and we decided to discontinue them. In the process we will upgrade all customers who currently have Standard SSL to the premium Wildcard SSL while keeping their price unchanged. The upgrade will happen upon the renewal of each current Standard SSL. Furthermore, all new and existing owners of Wildcard SSL will benefit from a new price which is more than half cheaper (equal to the former Standard SSL price). Also now we include a 1-year-free Wildcard SSL in our GrowBig and GoGeek shared hosting plans and a free-for-life Wildcard SSL in all our Cloud hosting plans, instead of Standard SSL. The benefits of the Wildcard SSL are the included dedicated IP, the dynamic site seal and the extra convenience of using one SSL for an unlimited number of subdomains.

The EV SSL is still there for those that need advanced validation

The EV SSLs have the most advanced security validation. EV certification requires a thorough background check of the company before issuance. For comparison, the other certificates we offer are domain-validated only. EV gives extra assurance to site visitors because it also displays the company name in the address bar of the browser and company information in the certificate.

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